OSCAR SNUBS of the 31 Days Of Oscar Blogathon are here!




We come now to the second week of the 4th annual installment of the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon… OSCAR SNUBS! It’s time to vent, folks.

We all have a grievance to spew on at least one, but likely several, categories or years within the history of the Academy Awards. Let’s face it, it’s up to those select group of voters to make their choices in the grand democratic process. And a majority of the nominees and winners are fortunate and well-deserved artisans being honored for their hard work and creative results. But do we always agree?

Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Myrna Loy, Barbara Stanwyck… these are only a sampling of the mega talent of Hollywood that somehow missed competitive Oscars time and time again to our shock and dismay. So here is your chance to tell us YOUR SIDE of an Oscar Snubs story. Here are this weekend’s participants, thus far…

Second Sight Cinema presents her argument for the glaring Oscar omission with 31 Days Of Oscar: The Stanwyck Snub.  As Lesley puts it, “How the hell could Stanwyck, who for me edges out the other two actresses in my Holy Trinity of divas (Davis and Crawford) for her appeal, her lack of pretension, her ability to be really funny or really poisonous or really glamorous or touching or steely or any combination thereof—how could she not have won anything but that honorary Oscar that is the Academy’s way of saying, “We screwed up”? ” Truly… Twitter: @zleegaspar

My creative co-host Aurora of Once Upon A Screen argues oh-so-justifiably for screen legend Doris Day in Talk About Snubs! Why Hasn’t Doris Day Received an Honorary Oscar?   Of the Board of Governors of AMPAS she asks, “Why those Governors have failed to place Doris Day‘s name alongside the others as a recipient of an honorary award is a mystery to me, something that fuels my anger and disappointment more with each passing year.” EXACTLY, Aurora! Twitter: @CitizenScreen

Moon In Gemini passionately takes on regrets in Alan Rickman’s Absurd Lack Of Oscar Nominations. As she pleas, “if he had managed to live into his 90s, the Academy would have pushed him onstage in his wheelchair and given him an honorary Oscar, because that’s what they do when they realize they’ve screwed up royally with their competitive categories. Which they clearly did in this case, so maybe it will be time for a séance in 30 years, Academy.” Twitter: @DebbieVee

CineMaven’s Essays From The Couch takes a close look at the Sweet Smell Of Success (1957). As Theresa compares to others of this film’s caliber, this film also “shines klieg lights on politics and television and journalism. “Sweet Smell of Success” takes the cake. And to paraphrase J.J. Hunsecker, it’s a cake filled with arsenic. What a fantastic movie. Venom never went down so smoothly.” Twitter: @CineMava

One Gal’s Musings applauds Stanley Tucci‘s body of work for this week’s Oscar Snubs. As she observes his ongoing talents across all screens, “Tucci’s TV work continues to be stellar. To borrow a cliche, he’s one of the hardest working men in show business and appears on TV when the role feels right. He currently has two Emmys on his mantle. It’s Oscar that eludes him.”

Movie Movie Blog Blog lassos up CHILL WILLIS and his ALAMO Oscar Campaign. As he says “Wills’ elaborate Oscar adventure is proof that money and publicity alone are not enough to nab someone an Academy Award. But as we’ve seen in the 55 years since The Alamo, that doesn’t stop plenty of wanna-bes from trying.” Twitter: @SatMatTweet

The Wonderful World of Cinema alerts us to a Joan Fontaine Oscar Snub with Something’s Wrong With Rebecca’s Wins. Virginie “thinks that Joan deserved this Oscar… mainly due to her memorable interpretation of Mrs. De Winter. It’s this role that made her a legend of the silver screen.” Twitter: @Ginnie_SP

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You serves up BIG FISH: A Kettle Of Oscar Snubs As she points out: “I’m curious why this film wasn’t considered worthy of awards based on artistic merit, if nothing else for the images’ perfect cohesiveness with the storytelling.”

I See A Dark Theater breaks down the competition to rally for why funny and talented Jean Arthur may have been nominated for The More The Merrier, but was snubbed for the big win. As she explains, “Arthur’s blend of charm, quirk, and (just barely) subtle command undoubtedly treaded on far lighter ground than the more serious-minded roles her nominative peers tackled, but nonetheless, she still created a nuanced character who operates well beyond the comedic scenes and turns out to be more complex than she appears.” Twitter: @Kimbo3200

Danny Reviews investigates the Top 3 Oscar Worthy Charlotte Rampling Performances. As Danny shares, “Charlotte Rampling is bigger than ever, as her peers in AMPAS, finally nominated her after a nearly 50 year career.” Twitter: @danny_reviews

Critica Retro campaigns for Brazil with Brazil and Oscar- or lack thereof traumatic. “There’s a whole union climate when a Brazilian film is shown on the statue. Suddenly, the whole nation joins around this film, which happens to be “Brazil at the Oscars”: our great hope to show that we also have culture. In no other country an Oscar nomination is able to unite a people, or Americans would be more united and happy people in the world.” Twitter: @startspreading

The Midnite Drive-In gets armed with Guns and Glory while making an argument for The Guns Of Navarone (1961). Quiggy outlines each specific nomination and notes on the score, ” There is one scene in particular, in which the only background music is a rhythmic drum beat.  This made the scene all that more intense, where a full scale orchestra might have reduced it to ashes.  The rest of the movie has such rousing and almost patriotic feel to it.”

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest discusses the Oscar-worthy merits of Jean Arthur in Talk Of The Town. “It is sad as many overlooked gems like this movie does not get the attention it does deserve as one of the movies many sad things was that Jean Arthur never won the award for her wonderful role which was one of her finest on the screen.”Twitter: @wolffianclassic

Stay tuned… MUCH MORE to come! I will update this post throughout the full weekend- both Saturday and Sunday. Please honor these fabulous writers by reading and commenting on their posts. A big SHOUT OUT to all our contributors!


Read last week’s ACTORS contributors (hosted by adorable Aurora @CitizenScreen at ONCE UPON A SCREEN) here: ACTORS WEEK.

Next weekend (2/20): the CRAFTS!! (Costumes, screenwriting, and so much more!) Hosted by perfectly Paula @Paula_Guthat at PAULA’S CINEMA CLUB

Last weekend (2/27): the BEST PICTURES and DIRECTORS ~ hosted by Kellee and Aurora


  1. I posted this over on Aurora’s page, but since you are the doyenne responsible for the snubs part of the blogathon, I am posting it here too. I signed up to do the Guns of Navarone (1961) which got snubbed for 6 of 7 Oscars noms.



  2. Hey Kellee,

    I’m running late as usual… what’s the latest you can get me on? I’m hoping to get it to you by 6, but as you know I’m hosting my first blogathon today as well so it’s been hard to settle down to work on this one.

    I still want to post on Stanwyck, though. So many great Oscar snubs, but none great than hers…


  3. Oh my, Cate’s face! When does this happened???
    Anyway, here is m contribution for the Oscar Snub. Thanks so much for hosting!


    • I just LOVE that expression so I just had to add that pic. Thanks SO much for joining our blogathon this month. I added you to the Snubs post and happy to promote you on twitter too 🙂 Such a fun topic this week!

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  4. Reblogged this on Once upon a screen… and commented:
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  5. https://wolffianclassicmoviesdigest.wordpress.com/2016/02/13/talk-of-the-town/ Jean Arthur in TALK OF THE TOWN TODAY for 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon under oscar snubs. sorry bit late today. i was busy so i finally wrote it. thanks so much for hosting today.


    • I added it as soon as I noticed it pop up in my email thread. Thanks!! By the way, you are not late at all! Folks have all weekend long to post these and I’m happy to add entries in as they come in- and post on twitter, too. TALK OF THE TOWN is an AWESOME choice! What a cast! Thanks again for joining our blogathon this month. 🙂

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  6. One of these days I need to do a post on Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann, both of whom won ONE Oscar each for two films with satanic themes (The Devil & Daniel Webster and The Omen) and then nothing afterward despite some amazing work. Were those deals with the devil or just bad luck with the Academy? (cue ominous music)… 😀


    • Yes, you do! What a fabulous post idea! Why not do that post next weekend? All of our CRAFTS (composers, costumes, screenwriting…) are highlighted next weekend. THIS would be the perfect contribution.


  7. Hi Kellee,

    My post for the Motion Pictures section of the blogathon is up! Thank you to you, Paula and Aurora for the event!!


    Take care,

    Janet at Sister Celluloid


  8. Hi nice reading youur post

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