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Universal Horrors: a Film Study

In the Autumn of 2022, I instructed a film study course on a selected filmography of Universal Pictures. I’ve been teaching for many years in the college town in Lawrence, Kansas. As I have done so across many topics of classic film, I start with an overview of the film genre, director including signature elements, […]

What A Character! Afternoon Edition

After a delicious breakfast of entries this morning for the What A Character! Blogathon hosted by my co-host Aurora, I’m now ready to share a yummy buffet of character actor pieces. Curated for your blog reading delights, welcome to the afternoon edition! *Aurora’s Morning Edition: *Paula will finish up this fabulous event later tonight […]

PAUL LYNDE: Sardonic Clown

It’s difficult to say what role I first discovered Paul Lynde. I was born in the winter of 1966, and throughout my childhood in the late sixties and seventies, he was everywhere. Never a leading man, yet he was a standout in small roles in the most popular films, tv shows, and game shows. For […]