Final Week of 31 Days Of Oscar Blogathon: PICTURES/DIRECTORS


It’s been a fabulous month of entries in our mega blogging event that celebrates everything Oscar. We’ve paid tribute to extraordinary ACTING, expressed outrage over OSCAR SNUBS, celebrated those talented CRAFTS artisans and now… we’ve come to our final week as we pay homage to Oscar-worthy PICTURES and master DIRECTORS.

Just like those last few nail-biting minutes of the Oscars ceremony, let’s honor the very best of the best. Here are this week’s terrific contributors:


Classic Film Observations & Obsessions finds “The Unexpected Beauty in SHANE (1953)”

Cracked Rear Viewer serves up some “Rough Justice: THE FRENCH CONNECTION (20th Century Fox 1971)”

Thoughts All Sorts reviews an all-time fave with THE STING

Pop Culture Pundit takes us on a journey with “Finding Elaine: UC Berkley in THE GRADUATE (1967)”

Old Hollywood Films reviews one of John Ford must beautiful masterpieces, “How Green Was My Valley”

Movie Rob revisits some of Oscar’s most popular films… TITANTIC (1997), FORREST GUMP (1994),  SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (1998), THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (1946), THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (1957)

Sister Celluloid shares an intimate and fond memory of her father via celluloid with “Saying Goodbye to my Dad and CASABLANCA” 

Danny Reviews takes on a heart-breaking comparison with “Motion Pictures (Away From Her vs. Amour: Alzheimers and Dementia on Screen)”  

Jack Deth, guest blogger on Paulas Cinema Club, takes an detailed perspective on “The Films of 1987”


Leading Auteur Directors honors the legend who rose to the challenge when we needed him most, Howard Hawks At War

Silver Screenings gives us a special treat with “Frank Borzage’s Spiritual Oscar-Winning Romance”

Danny Reviews takes a fascinating look at “Directors (Lina Wertmuller/ Giancarlo Giannini films)”

As we wrap up on this Oscar Sunday, a profound THANK YOU to all of our creative and talented contributors to this month-long event. We know in this rapidly growing blogathon world, writers have many choices so we appreciate you joining ours in the mix! It’s been a fun four years of honoring not only everything Oscar, but to coordinate nicely with Turner Classic Movie network’s 31 Days Of Oscar broadcast event. And of course a huge THANK YOU to my fellow co-hosts Aurora of Once Upon A Screen and Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club! See you in the blogathon sphere…



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  3. Hi Kellee, I’ve uploaded a post on director Frank Borzage:


  4. Hi – my post on The Sting is here as promised.


  5. Just posted mine on The Graduate — thanks again for hosting!



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