BEN JOHNSON, a Real Reel Cowboy

Francis Benjamin Johnson was born in Foreacre, Oklahoma on June 13, 1918. Born of Irish, Osage and Cherokee Indigenous ancestry, and the son of ranchers Ollie Susan and Ben Johnson, Jr. Oklahoma-born Ben Johnson was a true cowboy and horse wrangler that first made his way into Hollywood via providing horses to Howard Hughes for THE OUTLAW (1943). He realized he could make more money … Continue reading BEN JOHNSON, a Real Reel Cowboy

Fangirling Doris Day

My love for Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff is no secret. As a classic film obsessive, I’m often asked who my favorite (male and female) movie stars are. With zero hesitation, Cary Grant and Doris Day. Even her name reflects that Day was destined to be star. Her mother gave her the name “Doris” after the silent film star Doris Kenyon. Later, “Day” was inspired … Continue reading Fangirling Doris Day


Today we bring you the first day of the 7th annual WHAT A CHARACTER! BLOGATHON, hosted by yours truly and my fellow co-hosts, the classic film loving ladies: Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club @Paula_Guthat and Aurora of Once Upon A Screen @CitizenScreen. As promised, this annual event celebrates the character actors. Those unsung heroes of the silver screen, those familiar faces who often steal every … Continue reading Day One: 7th annual WHAT A CHARACTER! BLOGATHON

Announcing the 7th Annual WHAT A CHARACTER! BLOGATHON

Announcing the SEVENTH ANNUAL What A Character! Blogathon December 14-16, 2018 When you re-watch your favorite films, what keeps you coming back for more? A great story with sharp writing? No doubt. Beautiful costumes, swanky set designs, and stunning cinematography? Most assuredly. But the performances are key to any movie. While we all look forward to the popular leading actors, it is the stand-out, scene-stealing … Continue reading Announcing the 7th Annual WHAT A CHARACTER! BLOGATHON

Star Trek History Beams in Nebraska

The man who created Klingons for Star Trek will find his way home this weekend in the small town of Beatrice, Nebraska. Sadly, while screenwriter/producer/novelist GENE L. COON is no longer with us, his spirit lives on with millions of Star Trek fans from the obsessive ‘Trekkies” to the passing fans. March 2-4th, fans can experience the rare treat of discovering more about the man … Continue reading Star Trek History Beams in Nebraska

Zasu Pitts, Funny Lady with a Funny Name

  First things first. Before I can gush on about this distinctively funny lady with the fluttering hands that stole every scene, one must learn how to say her name correctly. Oh sure, many of my ‘old movie weirdo’ friends may know, but it’s a common mistake. To honor her properly, let’s begin with this lesson, provided via Thelma Todd and ZaSu herself: YouTube: ZaSu … Continue reading Zasu Pitts, Funny Lady with a Funny Name

My 80s TV Crushes: David Addison and Remington Steele

    The Silver Screenings site is conducting the Reel Infatuation Blogathon this week. Bloggers are tasked with reflecting upon their fictional character crushes- from books or the big or small screen. Truth be told, my first TV crush (and this is according to a discovery I made in my baby book as scribed in my mother’s own handwriting so it must be true) was … Continue reading My 80s TV Crushes: David Addison and Remington Steele

Goodbye Mad Men

Social media and water coolers alike have been a buzz since the series final episode of “MAD MEN” aired. Some have wondered just why the series became such an intensely popular phenomenon. Was it the nostalgia and quirky fun of Janie Bryant’s wardrobes spanning mainly across the 60s, right up to 1970? Was it the character development of these Madison Avenue ad men and women? … Continue reading Goodbye Mad Men

Classic and Colorful ‘Momisms’

As we close on another Mother’s Day weekend, it’s not hard-pressed to think of Mom. My mother died of breast cancer thirty four years ago. Interestingly, it will be thirty four years ago exactly today- and she was thirty-four years old. But when it comes to how we ‘honor’ our moms, it’s frequent to hear how many ponder wisdoms our mothers taught us. Whether our … Continue reading Classic and Colorful ‘Momisms’

James Garner as "Maverick" (1957-1960)

James Garner is one of those rare Hollywood actors who has made such an incredible impression on the silver screen with an illustrious career spanning decades, that he is easily recognized to this day by multiples of generations and by millions across the world. You can count me in as one of his biggest fans. In addition to an active filmography of over fifty films … Continue reading James Garner as "Maverick" (1957-1960)