Announcement: 5th annual WHAT A CHARACTER Blogathon

“What’s great about being a character actor is you know that you can survive forever. It’s not about the gloss of your eyebrows.” – Martin Short

We’re back for a fifth consecutive year to honor the versatility and depth of supporting players with the WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon.  Based on a phrase borrowed from Turner Classic Movies (TCM) the WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon is an event that many look forward to each year.  Your enthusiasm for paying tribute to the oft nameless faces that appear in countless beloved classic movies is admirable.  Aurora, Paula and I extend a sincere thanks to all the bloggers who have joined us in the previous four years and invite you all to help us make the fifth anniversary extra special.


By now you know the drill.  This is for the Louise Beavers and Eddie Andersons of the world, the names that never appeared above the title.  If this is right up your movie alley then give us a shout out…
Kellee at Outspoken & Freckled and (@IrishJayhawk66) and Kellee Pratt

Paula at Paula’s Cinema Club and (@Paula_Guthat) and Paula Guthat

Aurora at Once Upon a Screen and (@CitizenScreen) and Citizen Screen


And please adhere to the following:

-Let one of the hosts know which character actor is your choice.
-We will not accept repeats since there are so many greats worthy of attention, but your choices are not limited to classics. You can choose any character actor from any era and from the medium of television, which featured a number of talented regulars.  Scroll down to see the list of chosen characters.
-Don’t take it for granted we know exactly who you are or where your blog resides – please include the title and url to your blog.
-Publish the post for either December 16, 17 & 18.  Let us know if you have a date preference, otherwise we’ll split publicizing duties equally among the three days.
-Please include one of Paula’s beautiful event banners on your blog to help us promote the event and include it in your post.
-It would be really helpful if you can send any of us the direct link to your post.  Searching on social media sites can lead to missed entries.

HAVE FUN and spread the word!


#WhatACharacter Roll Call

Outspoken & Freckled – Joan Blondell

Cindy Bruchman – Eileen Brennan

Blogferatu – John Carradine

Film Noir Archive – Elisha Cook, Jr.

Wanna Be Film Critic – Jack Davenport

Critica Retro – Margaret Dumont

Shadows and Satin – Hope Emerson

Immortal Ephemera – Stanley Fields

The Last Drive In – Ruth Gordon

Old Hollywood Films – Sidney Greenstreet

Once Upon a Screen – Edmund Gwenn

The Midnight Drive-In – John Hillerman

Movies Silently – Edward Everett Horton

The Wonderful World of Cinema – Arthur Kennedy

A Shroud Of Thoughts – Charles Lane

Gary Pratt/ guest post on Outspoken & Freckled – Victor Mclaglen

Anna, Look! – Ben Mendelsohn

In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – Agnes Morehead

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies – Mildred Natwick

Wolffian Classics Movies Digest – Una O’Connor

RealweegieMidgit Reviews – Alan Rickman

Life’s Daily Lessons – Margaret Rutherford

Christina Wehner – Takashi Shimura

Movie Movie Blog Blog – JK Simmons

CineMaven’s Essays From The Couch – Art Smith

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies – George Tobias

Jack Deth/ guest post on Paula’s Cinema Club – M Emmett Walsh

Blog Of The Darned – David Wayne

Thoughts All Sorts – Michael Wincott

Caftan Woman – Cora Witherspoon

A big thank you – HAPPY BLOGGING!



  1. Could You put me down for
    Una O’Connor


  2. I’d like to participate this year. May I choose Eileen Brennan?


  3. Hi Kellee. I commented on Aurora’s page, but could you put me down for Agnes Moorehead as well please?


  4. Ahhhh, here you are. I’d like to write about character actor, ART SMITH for my blog CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch:



    • Art Smith the chef?? Just kidding. Called out by name by Elia Kazan in the McCarthy witch hunts- then blacklisted. Makes ya wonder how many careers and films would be different today if the Red Scare of the 50s never happened.


  5. John Hillerman- prolific character actor, (probably best known to most people as Higgins on Magnum P.I.) was born just down the road from where I was raised in Denison Texas, and will coincidentally enough, be celebrating 84th birthday just two days after this blogathon (Dec. 20). Must be kismet.


  6. Hi, may I write about Ben Mendelsohn please? thanks! =)


  7. This will be my first time participating in this. Could you put me down for Jack Davenport?
    I am Wannabe Film Critic


    • Looking forward to your post on Jack Davenport! Thanks so much for joining in. Sorry my response was so tardy. If you want a nice S/O on twitter, please remind me of your handle.


  8. How about John Carradine on


  9. Hiya Kellee ~ Instead of doing Art Smith, I’m going to cover the dark and lovely RUTH ROMAN for my contribution to the blogathon. You can find the link here:



  1. […] out though she’s done 60+ films. Could it be she was more character actress than leading lady? Well I’m going with that and nudging Ruthie’s name as a participant in the “WHAT A […]


  2. […] loads of character, thanks to Aurora of Once Upon a Screen, Paula’s Cinema & Club & Outspoken and Freckled who are hosting the Fifth Annual WHAT A CHARACTER! BLOGATHON 2016… This will be my fourth […]


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