Week 3 of the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon: CRAFTS


Here we are in the midst of Turner Classic Movies channel’s ever popular 31 DAYS OF OSCAR, their annual homage to the film industry’s best. For a full month every February, TCM showcases Oscar nominated and winning films and we celebrate right along with them with the annual 31 DAYS OF OSCAR BLOGATHON.

Now into our third week, we bring you CRAFTS. The Crafts week is the  hodge podge mix of Oscar nominated and winning categories such as Screenplay Writing, Costume Designs, Original Songs, Cinematography, Sound Effects and more. Let’s kick it off with these wonderful bloggers’ contributions honoring the behind-the-scenes artisans …


SILVER SCREENINGS brings us a classic that pokes fun at the wealthy with ‘GODFREY’ Screenplay Skewers the One Percent

DANNY REVIEWS takes an artistic view of his best photogenic gems with the Top 5 Best Cinematography Wins

CINEPHILED offers a look at “the one woman in Hollywood who may have been involved in more Oscar-winning films than any one else in the history of the movies,” with The Most Famous (But Forgotten) Woman in the Movies

GLAMAMOR’s Style Essentials gets fashionable with Audrey Hepburn’s Costumes Cause the (Oscar) Drama in 1954’s SABRINA

GIRLS DO FILM goes below the surface with The Great Gatsby: Too Much Style, Not Enough Substance  

BUNNYBUN’S CLASSIC MOVIE BLOG gets the lens steamy with Is James Wong Howe Sexy?  

Fellow co-host Aurora of ONCE UPON A TIME gets lyrical with Oscar history with Best Original Song: Misses and Hits #31DaysOfOscar 

Then, RACHEL THE CINEPHILE shares a beautiful view of Oscar worthy costume designs in Oscar Blogathon: 2015


MOON IN GEMINI stirs it up with her Jane Austen challenge in Emma Thompson’s Screenplay for Sense and Sensibility: The Best Austen Adaption?  

MOVIE STAR MAKEOVER offers us a peek at the beginnings of the irrestible, inevitable romance of Edith and Oscar with Love At First Slight: Edith Head Meets Oscar.  

SISTER CELLULOID scribes on a technicolor visual feast with THE GARDEN OF ALLAH: Lovely To Look At, Delightful to (Be)Hold

THE MOVIE RAT honors those talented cinematographers for chromatic and monochromatic work alike in Cinematography in Black-and-White and Color 

Co-host PAULA’S CINEMA CLUB details the impressive work of Cinematographer Roger Deakins

WOLFFIAN CLASSIC MOVIE DIGEST comes in with Classic Universal Horror Films That Deserved Best MakeUp and Special Effects  

MARGARET PERRY gets sentimentally melodic with Musical Patriotism and Nostalgia in CASABLANCA (1942) 

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CINEMA outlines the multi-faceted talents found in My Fair Lady and the Outstanding Costumes of Cecil Beaton 


Be sure to check back in throughout today and the rest of the week as more may trickle in for the CRAFTS week. Along with my co-hosts Aurora @citizenscreen of ONCE UPON A SCREEN and Paula @Paula_Guthat of PAULA’s CINEMA CLUB, we welcome you to read (and please offer positive feedback!) these fabulous posts all month long!

ACTORS WEEK – Feb 2 & 3 – Kellee hosts on OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED

SNUBS WEEK – Feb 9 & 10 – Aurora hosts on ONCE UPON A SCREEN

CRAFTS WEEK – Feb 16 & 17 – Kellee hosts on OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED



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8 thoughts on “Week 3 of the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon: CRAFTS

    1. Hooray! I tweeted it out and I’ll add it to my “Day 2” post too. There’s a few more I’m waiting on to come through so I’ll publish the day 2 entries this afternoon, likely near lunch time. Thanks again, Debbie!

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    1. Aww, thanks sweetie!! Too kind. We certainly enjoy it every year. Paula is kicking off this final week on Monday-I’ll alert her and add to our ‘week 4 list’. Looking forward to reading your entry!


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