Day One: ACTORS Week of the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon

80th Academy Awards NYC Meet the Oscars OpeningThe time has finally arrived! The smell of fresh red carpet unrolled is in the air. It’s awards season. But to us classic film affecianados and Turner Classic Movie network devotees, February also brings the pinnacle in honoring the best of the best, it’s the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon!

Our first week of this month-long mega blogging event focuses on the ACTORS. For our first day of this first week, I’ll be ushering in a line-up of talented bloggers that offer us a scrumptious plate of Oscar’s finest in performing their craft…

Danny Miller @cinephiled of CINEPHILED starts the day with blue-eyed view of iconic Paul Newman’s Early Career. But as Danny notes, this actor was a class act until the very end.

Next up, @WolffianClassic of the WOLFFIAN CLASSIC MOVIE DIGEST reviews the great screen legend who so excelled at his craft that he became more known for his characterizations that his own personae on screen, “an artist displayed a thousand faces”: Frederic March, History of an Oscar Winning Actor.

Then, @dianabosch of FLICKIN’ OUT serves up WILLIAM HOLDEN: THE PEFECT ANTI-HERO who was “a different kind of keading man.. because he wasn’t afraid of showing the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Our good friend Rick @classic_film over at THE CLASSIC FILM AND TV CAFE delights us with Seven Things To Know About Glenda Jackson . From playing famous people of the world’s political stage to becoming a member of the British Parliment herself, Rick educates us on a most impressive career.

Following, @danny_reviews of the DANNY REVIEWS tackles the amazing Oscar wins of DANIEL DAY-LEWIS who as he says, “No matter the size or shape of the role, Daniel Day-Lewis can make it his very own.” We quite agree!

Then, Bernardo @bernardovillela of THE MOVIE RAT ambitiously takes on Actors- Non Competitive, Non Lifetime Wins. And what a list! Bernardo will continue more for the SNUBS week- we look forward to it!

Our great friend and supporter Annmarie @ClassicMovieHub of the CLASSIC MOVIE HUB brings us the sweet and lovely ingenue OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND in THE HEIRESS.  But as Annmarie informs us, this demure dame is not quite what her screen roles reflect, as she was quite the fighter in securing more creative freedoms for actors with the ‘De Havilland Law.’ Wow, this lady has my respect and admiration!


Be sure to check back in as we will continue add to this ACTORS list for our first week – even more talented entries to come tomorrow! Along with my co-hosts Aurora @citizenscreen of ONCE UPON A SCREEN and Paula @Paula_Guthat of PAULA’s CINEMA CLUB, we welcome you to read (and give flattering feedback!) all of these fabulous posts all month long…

ACTORS WEEK – Feb 2 & 3 – Kellee hosts on OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED (see day 2 list, click here)

SNUBS WEEK – Feb 9 & 10 – Aurora hosts on ONCE UPON A SCREEN

CRAFTS WEEK – Feb 16 & 17 – Kellee hosts on OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED


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