Sydney Pollack Blogathon, July 1-22, 2013

Seetimaar-Diary of a Movie Lover

After having conducted  successfully, blogathons  on  Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, Tony Scott,  and Howard Hawks, the time has now come for another  blogathon.  Actually the next quarter, would see 3 back to back blogathons conducted on 3 of the most  influential directors in American cinema, Sydney Pollack,  Roman Polanski  and Oliver Stone.  The blogathons on Polanski and Stone, would be held in August, September tentatively, and the details would be up later.


Sydney Pollack, one of the more influential directors of the 70’s and 80’s, and not just a director, a pretty good actor too and produced some great  movies.  As a director, his collaboration  with Robert Redford  produced  some memorable cinema- The Electric Horseman, Out of Africa, Jeremiah Johnson, The Way We Were, 3 Days of the Condor, Havana.  His directorial output covers the whole range from love stories( The Way We Were)  to…

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