Paging Art Fern! Carson and Classic Hollywood Together Again on TCM

cinematically insane

CarsonFrom 1962 until his retirement in 1992, Johnny Carson ruled the late night airwaves with wit, grace, and the occasional feathered turban. He wasn’t the first emcee of NBC’s The Tonight Show, nor the last, but he is universally considered the best. And now, two decades after his final sign-off and eight years after his death at age 79, some of Carson’s most memorable interviews are returning to television to entertain a new generation of viewers – with one of his successors serving as host.

Each Monday in July at 8 PM (EDT), Turner Classic Movies will present Carson on TCM, a 60-minute compilation of Johnny’s breezy, often hilarious conversations with contemporary stars of the era and classic film icons. Conan O’Brien, who followed Carson replacement Jay Leno to Johnny’s desk in 2009 before jumping to TBS when Leno returned, will serve as host for the broadcasts. Each episode will…

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