3 Godfathers

There’s something very charming about an outlaw who shows us his good side. Sure, he breaks laws; but in a pinch, his instinct to do the truly right thing blazes in, just in the nick of time. He’s often the anti-hero with a tough, crusty exterior and vulnerable mush inside. The lovable cad. In John Ford’s technicolor 3 GODFATHERS (1948), based on the 1918 novelette … Continue reading 3 Godfathers

Ford & Duke Bromance: STAGECOACH (1939)

Hollywood is known for many storied collaborations. Duos that worked together so well that the results are of cinematic legends. Such is the case of director John Ford and actor John Wayne aka Marion Robert Morrison aka ‘the Duke.’ Theirs was a rugged bromance, often contentious and many would say dysfunctional; but hardly like those BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN boys. The two experienced a lifelong partnership that … Continue reading Ford & Duke Bromance: STAGECOACH (1939)

Take a Pilgrim-age to the John Wayne Birthday Celebration

Can’t get enough Duke? Turner Classic Movies network is showcasing John Wayne as their April ‘Star of the Month’ with an ample series of his very best films. And if you’re a big fan of this bigger-than-life legend of classic films like me, you may already be feeling the melancholy set in, knowing this Wayne-loving month has come to a close. Fear not fans- John … Continue reading Take a Pilgrim-age to the John Wayne Birthday Celebration