Taking the baton from fellow co-host Aurora of Once Upon A Screen, who brought us the initial round of blogger contributions yesterday, today I pick up on the second day of the 31 Days Of Oscar Blogathon. Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club will pick up the final day tomorrow. Explore all three days for three days for the best in the blogger biz for everything … Continue reading 31 DAYS OF OSCAR BLOGATHON- Day 2

Oscar Winner, Tom Hanks

Oscar winning actor, Tom Hanks. He’s the ‘every man’ man who sometimes finds himself in extraordinary situations. Depending upon when you first discovered this seemingly regular guy who isn’t so ordinary in his career, you may think of him as a young Shakespearian thespian, a comic, a high energy screwball, a passionate WW2 hobbiest, a family man, a devoted husband, a philanthropist, an entertainer, or … Continue reading Oscar Winner, Tom Hanks