Doris Day was 40 years old when Delbert Mann’s THAT TOUCH OF MINK (1962) premiered, cementing her ridiculous (yet popular) reputation as the “world’s oldest professional virgin.” At this point, she was flourishing in her career within a string of crowd-pleasing sex comedies and rom-coms from the late 1950s that continued into the 1960s. THAT TOUCH OF MINK followed a sure-fire formula with successful films … Continue reading THAT TOUCH OF MINK (1962)

5 Reasons Why THE AWFUL TRUTH is my Classic Comfort Movie

May 16th was National Classic Movie Day! On that date we celebrate those films we love from the golden era of Hollywood. To list just one film that brings me joy or comfort like an old friend is frankly impossible. But one of many that I have seen countless times and brings me laughter without fail, even on the bluest of days, is Leo McCarey’s … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why THE AWFUL TRUTH is my Classic Comfort Movie

Why SHE DONE HIM WRONG (1933) defines SEX

What defines sexy in film? Is it watching a couple make out? Adonis and goddess bodies of perfection? Is it showy shots of skin? Is it something more taboo? If you ask, most people define sexy as not something so gratuitously¬†obscene as pornography, but rather the suggestion of sex. What’s most hot, is usually what’s not. In other words, why let the camera do all … Continue reading Why SHE DONE HIM WRONG (1933) defines SEX

Salacious Sins in I’M NO ANGEL (1933)

Mae West was an original. Her personality was bigger than life and her sexuality was a powerful force of nature. In West’s second writing credit on film, Wesley Ruggles’ I’M NO ANGEL stands out as a definitive Pre-Code. Following the success of SHE DONE HIM WRONG released earlier that year, the even greater popularity of I’M NO ANGEL as the top grossing film of 1933 … Continue reading Salacious Sins in I’M NO ANGEL (1933)