Ginger Rogers Stole My Valentine

Whether you celebrate Valentines Day, or Galentines Day, or (UN)Valentines Day (hello heart breakers and heart-broken alike), or perhaps you’re just ready for tomorrow to arrive, there’s room for all persuasions of this love inspired day.

I’ve been on the quest for a heart designed sweater/top for many years. Never found quite the right one. Then it dawned on me. Classic Hollywood has the answer! I remembered that Ginger Rogers wore the most darling and perfect Valentines themed outfit in the rom-com musical, Mark Sandrich’s CAREFREE (1938) co-starring her most famous dance partner Fred Astaire.


In the classic screwball comedy tradition, Ralph Bellamy finds himself in a love triangle. It’s a delightfully silly premise and oozing with style and poking fun at the eccentric and wealthy. There are several recognizable characters actors to bring you more laughs- including Jack Carson and Franklin Pangborn. Tony (Astaire) is a psychiatrist who hypnotizes Amanda (Rogers). He soon regrets telling Amanda that all men, except for her fiance Steven (Bellamy) should be shot down like dogs. A horrible turn of phrase until it gets real interesting at the local shooting range. But I digress. Back to my, ahem Ginger Rogers’, Valentine outfit.


According to imdb, the wardrobe department included costume designer Edward Stevenson, who was named Head Designer of RKO in 1936. He worked with many of the greatest stars in Old Hollywood, including Lucille Ball, which led to him earning an Academy Award. The credit for Ginger Roger’s gowns in CAREFREE go to Howard Greer. Greer was notable for his gown designs for BRINGING UP BABY (1938), MY FAVORITE WIFE (1940), LADY ON A TRAIN (1945), and many more. Not surprising, Joseff is credited for the jewelry in CAREFREE (1938).


A little frustrating to discover that I couldn’t find this film available to stream anywhere. Only snapshots and memories. And yes, my title is a bit misleading. This outfit stole actually my heart. But I hope it caught your attention enough for you to drop by my lonely blog- to enjoy my Valentines tribute to the love-ly and fun style of the beautiful Ginger Rogers.



2 thoughts on “Ginger Rogers Stole My Valentine

  1. I’ve seen numerous shots of Ginger Rogers in this sweater and never knew that it came from a movie — let alone an Astaire-Rogers film that I’ve never heard of! It’s a shame that the movie can’t be found. It sounds like a good one.

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