The greatly anticipated moment has finally arrived! Your humble co-hosting threesome are proud to bring you the first day of blogger entries in the 3rd annual What A Character! Blogathon. What quirky characters, which silly sidekicks and what scene stealing supporting actors can we expect for the first of three full days of our mega event? Please explore each of the following entries for their fascinating reviews on all our beloved character actors. Click on the links to learn more about WHAT A CHARACTER! these actors really are.

I will be updating these links all day long as they pour in. So I implore you to check back frequently. Additionally, be sure to check out my co-hosts announcements over the next 2 days- Aurora at ONCE UPON A SCREEN tomorrow and Paula at PAULA’S CINEMA CLUB on Tuesday.

First up…Theresa guest posts on ONCE UPON A SCREEN to provide us her insights on character actors Ann Doran & Lurene Tuttle. As Theresa explains, Doran was “the best “best friend” a girl could EVER have” and she “could toss a line or raise one eyebrow with the best of ‘em.” As she describes her love for Tuttle, “She’s equal parts fuss-budget and no-nonsense, common sense.”

Next, Steve of MOVIE MOVIE BLOG BLOG offers up A Tribute to the highly versatile “king of character actors” Charles Durning 

Then, THE LAST DRIVE-IN witnesses Burgess Meredith as Charter Member in the Fraternity of Dreamers. As Jo Gabriel scribes, “He’s always just a bit peculiar, idiosyncratic, eccentric, lyrical, salty, sometimes irascible, but always captivating and distinctive, His voice, his persona, his look, his style…” We agree!

Jack Deth guest posts on PAULA’S CINEMA CLUB for his review of Chris Cooper. As Jack builds his case via several worthy performances, Cooper “adds depth, shadow and presence to a roughly sketched character. Embodies it with his worn, lined visage and slow, never hurried gait. And makes it his own.”

Danny of DANNY REVIEWS gives us his assessment via four key roles of the versatile character actor  Richard Widmark. As in “Saint Joan”, Widmark, “portrays this character by taking all the energy out of his entire body. Suddenly, it seems like his limbs are made from gelatin rather than hard bones. The way Widmark is able to go limp just shows his willingness and commitment to live and breathe as the character as opposed to just playing it in a table read through.”

Shannon of THIS GIRL FRIDAY peeks at funny man Frank McHugh who played comic relief for Hollywood’s biggest stars. As Shannon states: “his performance never goes unnoticed.  He steals the show with his good-natured laughter and wonderful comedic timing.”

Jenni of PORTRAITS BY JENNI outlines the many successful roles with that iconic look of Edna May Oliver, who found “fame in the 1930′s playing such a character, often speaking very witty lines and knowing how to do the perfect eye-roll at another character.”

Then, Terry of A SHROUD OF THOUGHTS offers up his thoughts on the master of various mediums- radio, stage, and both small and big screens… Tony Randall, “who could play a wide array of roles, from swaggering womanisers to to henpecked husbands” over a 63 year career.

More to come…

Enjoy the reading, film fans! Don’t forget to provide these talented bloggers with your feedback- we writers love encouragement.


8 thoughts on “WHAT A CHARACTER! BLOGATHON: Day One

  1. Hi, Kellee:

    Great start to the Blogathon!

    Danny does himself proud with four unique characters brought to life by Richard Widmark.
    What began with his Tommy Udo branched out into other memorable characters for Sam Fuller and other directors to push. Rein in. Or let Widmark be Widmark!

    Very good stuff all the way around for the other contributors. Especially Terry’s tribute to Hollywood’s hardest working second banana, Tony Randall!


    1. I agree, Jack! I certainly enjoyed all of these entries so far, including your lovely homage to Chris Cooper. He’s one of my favorites, too. He oft plays roles that I frankly can’t imagine any other actor portraying; giving it the special attention for that smaller role that became bigger thanks to his talents. Thanks so much for contributing to our blogathon!


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