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The anticipated moment has finally arrived! In honor of the popular filmmaker Steven Spielberg, Michael of IT RAINS… YOU GET WET aka @le0pard13, Aurora of CITIZEN SCREENINGS aka @citizenscreen and I, Kellee of OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED aka @IrishJayhawk66, are paying homage to this beloved master of cinema with a blockbuster blogathon to end the summer with a BANG!

Today we start with the following array of talented blogger contributors- with a diversity as befitting this American storyteller.  Be sure to check back throughout the day as more entries come in. Tomorrow, visit fellow co-host Michael’s blog, IT RAINS… YOU GET WET for Day 2 of even more brilliant posts to come! Co-host Aurora at CITIZEN SCREENINGS will keep this mega event in the spotlight via social media, too!

First up, the man in the red suit (better known as @SantaIsThinking on twitter) is the guest blogger on OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED with his favorite aspects of JAWS (1975) which he says was best experienced at a drive-in from the back of station wagon.

Co-host Michael of IT RAINS… YOU GET WET aka @le0pard13 covers Spielberg’s brilliance via the small screen with the eerie Night Gallery” EYES, tv episode (1969), starring none other than legendary Joan Crawford.

Rob Medaska takes a turn as guest blogger spot on CITIZEN SCREENINGS with whip-crackin’ take with an audience favorite, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981).

Chris of BLOG OF THE DARNED aka @ChrisSturhann gets trucking on a Spielberg early feature of a made-for-TV meets film, DUEL (1971) as Dennis Weaver gets terrorized on the road.

John of TWENTY FOUR FRAMES aka @JohnGreco10 investigates Spielberg’s tv classic, “Columbo” MURDER BY THE BOOK, tv episode (1971) and he explains why this is not just another wrinkled raincoat case.

Then, Le of CRITICA RETRO aka @startspreading offers her view of the lavish story of EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987) (be sure to click on the translator button)

Paul’s Tumler, FROM DIRECTOR STEVEN SPIELBERG aka @paulbullock gives us Indiana Jones fans the full-run-down with: “Why We Need Indiana Jones 5 – With or Without Harrison Ford”  

Next up, John Kenneth Muir’s REFLECTIONS ON CULT MOVIES AND CLASSIC TV gives us a trio of goodies…

SOMETHING EVIL – the spooky 1972 made-for-TV-movie

DUEL (1971) – a new view on this early Spielberg TV/film of a terrorizing trucker

The Name of the Game: “L.A. 2017” (1971) – “an unexpected and frightening science fiction adventure” in Spielberg’s early TV work

Ruth of FLIXCHATTER aka @flixchatter presents MY TOP 10 FAVORITE SPIELBERG DIRECTED FILMS -and what an impressive list it is!

Rich of WIDE SCREEN WORLD takes his very first chomp at JAWS with an appreciation of special effects in an non-CGI world

The blog contributions continue to pour in and I will continue to update until we pass the blogathon torch to Michael on Sunday. So keep reading, don’t forget to give these creative bloggers your feedback and enjoy!

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