#TCMFF 2014 Highlights – the stars

We love you too, Aurora!
“The Soft and Gooey Hearts Club”

Once upon a screen...

I imagine every single TCM and classic film fan that attended this years TCM Classic Film Festival (TCMFF) is having as difficult time as I am reconciling the fact it is already a week past.  The four-day event, which we all looked forward to since last April seems a blur, while at the same time was so replete with special moments that I can barely put my thoughts together to create one cohesive recap of the weekend.  So, this is likely to be the first of several “recap” posts that will appear on this blog in the coming week or so, reflections of me and my experience in Hollywood, where – as I vowed – I walked like a queen among the other kings and queens on the cloud of passion and adoration we have for our classics.

I am kicking off the coverage with a look at what most of…

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