31 Days of Oscars Blogathon: THE DIRECTORS

Once upon a screen...

Here we are – Oscars week and Week 4 of the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon – a week during which we pause to honor those who helmed the motion pictures we swoon over.  While we’ve only a handful of entries this week, it is indeed an important and impressive lot…

To begin…visit with the great Sidney Lumet as he directs 12 Angry Men, a fabulous entry by Silver Screenings.

Then read about how Federico Fellini drew from his own contradictions in a Spotlight by Maegan, a guest post on Once Upon a Screen.

After that consider the lasting and moving work of one born to showbiz as Vincente Minnelli is duly honored by The Vintage Cameo.

Proceed on and be reminded that he was much more than a “women’s director.” George Cukor (as in “cucumber”) is the subject of Margaret Perry’s retrospective on an impressive career.


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