Max and Al and Charlie and Lee: The Killers

Once upon a screen...

“Once, I did something wrong”…twice


It’s 1946.  Two men, Max and Al, drive into the town of Brentwood, NJ in the dead of night.  Against the backdrop of a lone street lamp the dinertwo cast shadows along a path as they approach a gas station that’s closed for the day’s business.  Max and Al settle on Henry’s Diner, which sits directly across the street from the gas station.  Clearly the two have more on their minds than a menu, but they peruse the list anyway and place an order.   As they wait for the food they start asking questions of the owner who’s behind the counter.  Also present in the diner, sitting several stools away from Max and Al is a local patron minding his own.

Max and Al are menacing figures not shy about sharing the details of their visit to Brentwood, “We’re gonna kill the Swede” they…

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