Classic Movie History Project Blogathon

It’s gonna be epic!

Once upon a screen...

Following is the announcement for the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon as written by Fritzi of Movies, Silently.  Why re-invent the announcement wheel when this one came from the source and is perfect?  It was Fritzi’s idea to create an event that celebrates the history of film in a manner that I think is unique.  I am both thrilled and honored she asked me to join her and Ruth of Silver Screenings to co-host.


The Announcement:

We firmly believe that there is a little bit of the historian in every classic movie fan. After all, we love films that were made before we were even a gleam in our father’s eye. Well, here’s our chance to collaborate on a project celebrating the history of motion pictures

Most movie blogathons center around actors, topics, genres or eras of film. This event is going to focus on individual years. Our range is…

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