Hitchcock’s masterpiece, REAR WINDOW

Once upon a screen...

The camera pans across a courtyard bypassing windows, showing glimpses of life.  The view is – counter-clockwise and in full circle – from a rear window.  Our perspective changes as the camera dictates and as it completes the circle we enter sleethrough that rear window and land upon the sweaty forehead of a sleeping man.  The thermostat reads ninety-plus degrees, a warning that a brutal day lies ahead.  But the residents of the buildings that surround the courtyard start their daily routine just like any other day.  A man shaves and listens to the radio, another man and woman rise from their makeshift bed on the fire escape, a young woman makes her breakfast and a bird is uncovered alerting it that morning has arrived.

“Here lie the bones of L. B. Jeffries” says the leg cast on the man in the wheelchair as we enter through the rear window…

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