Hammer’s, Horror of Dracula

Once upon a screen...

Memorable films are aplenty, but few films have changed the course of legend as did…


Universal Studios gave the world an unforgettable face to ascribe to Bram Stoker’s legendary character when it released Tod Browning’s, Dracula in 1931.  Playing Count Dracula in that film is Bela Lugosi whose stylized portrayal and image would become the standard for generations.

Following the success of the 1931 film, Universal released many subsequent versions of Dracula.  Some films featured stories starring the Count while others had him play a supporting role alongside other popular Universal monsters.  None of those films had the impact of the original, however – not financially, not artistically and not in the realm of popular culture.  Lugosi’s original Dracula reigned supreme.  That is, until 1958 when Universal-International released the Hammer Films presentation of Dracula directed by Terence Fisher, a film that reinvigorated The Lord of the Undead – in glorious…

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