Happy anniversary – TCMparty

Happy Anniversary #TCMparty!!

Once upon a screen...

Today, September 3rd, marks the two-year anniversary of #TCMparty, a twitter hashtag many people follow while watching movies on Turner Classic Movies (TCM).  #TCMparty is not affiliated with TCM, but it has been acknowledged by several notables on the network, including host Ben Mankiewicz @BenMank77 who made mention of the forum at this year’s Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF).

During the festival Mr. Mankiewicz mentioned the fact that TCM has taken notice of the growing popularity and importance of #TCMparty as a way TCM fans strengthen the brand of the network, which is what brings us together to share our love of classic film.  It’s not far-fetched to say that #TCMparty has become our own version of an online, mini TCMFF through which we converge and connect all year round.  Through the forum we make connections that proved quite real as we encountered each other at the TCMFF this past April…

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