TCM comes to New York


Once upon a screen...

Prior to my first pilgrimage out West to attend the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) this past April, I was one of those who hoped and prayed TCM would consider setting the festival at different cities every year so more fans could attend.  Like me, for instance.  I hadn’t been able to go out to California in previous years due to my work schedule.  Of course, by “other cities” I meant New York, my home town.  After attending the TCMFF, however, I’ve changed my mind.  Hollywood is perfect for TCMFF with its home base, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, being where the first Academy Awards ceremony was held and the history and proximity of the venues used to screen the films key to the entire experience.  Still, us East Coasters, who can boast a rich history of film in our own right – actually, the film studios were born in our…

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