Sci-Fi Sundays: 1956’s Forbidden Planet (Plus: Win the DVD!)

True Classics

I am so excited to begin a new series for True Classics: Sci-Fi Sundays!

I love classic film, and I love sci-fi. So it’s only logical that I share my love of these genres by bringing you a new series dedicated to classic cinematic works of science fiction.

To kick off the series, I’ve reviewed one of the staples of this genre: the 1956 treasure Forbidden Planet.

forbidden planet poster

“In the final decade of the 21st century, men and women in rocket ships landed on the moon. By 2200 A.D., we had reached the other planets of our solar system. Almost at once, there followed the discovery of hyperdrive through which the speed of light was first attained and later greatly surpassed. And so, at last, mankind began the conquest and colonization of deep space. United Planets Cruiser C-57-D, now more than a year out from Earth Base on a special mission to…

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