William Castle’s, The Night Walker

Once upon a screen...

A Universal Picture that may drive you to dream of sex…of murder…of secret desires you’re afraid to admit when awake!

you have been warned!


Irene Trent is married to Howard, the creepiest looking man I’ve ever seen.  Howard is blind, very rich, an inventor by night – and jealous and controlling to the brink of madness.  Not helping matters is the fact that Irene has recurring sex dreams about a young, handsome, blue-eyed man during which she gives a play-by-play as her husband lurks by listening to every word, which further fuels his obsession making Irene’s every waking moment a living hell.

Since he barely lets Irene out of his sight – well, his grip really since he’s blind – Howard suspects the object of her lust is the only man who visits the house regularly, their handsome, blue-eyed attorney, Barry Morland who bares a striking resemblance to…

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