Dynamic Duo – Rock Hudson and Doris Day

goosepimply all over

This post is part of the “Dynamic Duos in Classic Film” Blogathon, hosted by my fellow classic film friends, Classic Movie Hub and Once Upon a Screen.

Television shows of the 1970s were the forerunner to my dive into classic movie love and lore. I recognized Victoria Barkley (Barbara Stanwyck) as that lady in Sorry Wrong Number and Golden Boy. Mr. Drucker (Frank Cady) as that man on the balcony across from Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. Even my old soap opera watching habits played a part when I noticed handsome Uncle Earl (Farley Granger) from As The World Turns as handsome Guy in Strangers on a Train. Those screenings were great little introductory lessons in entertainment for me. It’s been a fun trickling effect, one that I’ve naturally passed down to my kids as we sometimes watch old classic TV shows together.

Rock and Doris on television

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