WORLD WAR Z Review: It’s a Dead Man’s Party, Who Could Ask For More

Finally caught World War Z today & loved it! Ck out Michael of ScribeHard’s review here…

ScribeHard On Film

World War Z PosterIf there is anything you can accuse Hollywood of doing TOO well, it’s exploiting something popular to the point that it becomes a scourge.  When the public gets a taste for a certain flavor, Tinseltown senses it, whets the public’s appetite with more offerings, then force-feeds the market until the masses not only have had their fill, but have had enough to regurgitate a little bit of it.  Superheroes, vampires, found footage, horny teens, goofy buddies, horror porn, tween novel adaptations, and more are in the middle of, or have gone completely through, the cold-then-hot-then-cold-then-enough-already lifecycle on screens large and small for years.

One flavor running through that cycle right now is Zombie.  (What exactly does that taste like, I wonder?)  I can’t say for sure when the uptick in interest started, but the zombie flavor feels like it’s reached the point where, if it isn’t already on the decline, it’s at…

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