Once upon a screen...

If you happened upon this blog and noticed my rather schizophrenic post wherein I noted my plans for the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) prior to the event, you would have seen that Frank Capra’s, 1929, The Donovan Affair was not my first choice in its time slot. Luckily, fate intervened and I changed my mind at the last moment, making that the best 2013 TCMFF decision I made.

I started my TCMFF Saturday with a celebration, Bugs Bunny’s 75th Birthday Bash, one that left me with a huge smile on my face. Although I was tempted to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Lady Vanishes (1938), which was my intended choice, the Bugs Bunny high propelled me to take a chance on a film I’d never seen, Capra’s 1929 film.  I’m thinking Bugs’ adventurous personality rubbed off, aided by my curiosity about the Capra film’s audio having been lost and the fact…

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