The Draconic Verses


To the Membership and the Board of Directors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

It’s time you stood up for your most important audience. I am NOT talking about your stockholders. I am NOT talking about your advertisers. I am NOT speaking of the ‘target audience’ of the all-so-important Nielson Ratings. I speak of the masses of which I am proudly a part of –  the film lovers. It was my understanding that you were film lovers as well. A recent event is casting doubts about this to me.

The event of which I speak is the most recent ‘Oscar’ broadcast – which wasn’t even CALLED ‘The Academy Awards”. It was a deplorable mess, in the hands of those who seemingly had a selfish agenda to push – themselves. I’m not speaking about host Seth MacFarlane. I enjoyed his antics, especially when seen IN CONTEXT. I’m…

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