FINAL Week… 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon

We have finally arrived to the 5th and last week of the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon. It’s been a wondrous journey of incredibly talented bloggers writing on what they’re most passionate, crowning achievements in cinema. I’m in awe of the caliber of excellence in writing each week throughout this process. It’s been a true honor and joy to co-host this blogging event, along with my fellow co-hosts Aurora of Once Upon A Screen and Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club. On behalf of my co-hosts and myself, a HUGE Thank You to all you participating bloggers and to all the readers, too! We couldn’t have done it without you and we hope it’s been as enjoyable for you as it has been for us. And now, your final week of bloggers… 

Here are your magnificent bloggers for Week 5: 

First up, Lindsey with The Motion Pictures  ( ) reflects on her Oscar recollections with “15 Favorite Best Picture Winners” :

Then, she shares more Oscar recollections with her list of “10 Favorite Best Director Winners” : Epic lists! (You can tweet Lindsay @TMPLindsey)

Then, Greg flies in with a star-studded ‘Airport’ comparison with A Tale of Two Airports. Greg is posting this on Citizen Screenings ( :  (You can tweet Greg at @GregMcCambley)

Jenni from Portraits by Jenni ( helps us unravel the mystery behind the 1948 Best Actress Oscar shocker of when Rosalind Russell was snubbed with:  “When Rosalind Was Robbed!”

Fellow ’31 Days of Oscar Blogathon’ co-host extraordinaire Paula of  Paula’s Cinema Club ( asks, “How much does art matter, and is it worth dying for?” with the Oscar nominated:  The Train (1964) (You can tweet Paula at @Paula_Guthat )

Then ’31 Days of Oscar Blogathon’ co-host superstar Aurora of Citizen Screenings ( ushers in the story of a man, a story of redemption and one of the best courtroom dramas on film, The Verdict
With another generous post, Aurora of Once A Screen ( gets fired up expressing her outrage in a very fun way: “Oh No They Didn’t! Ignored by Oscar” 
(You can tweet Aurora at @citizenscreen )

Ruth of Silver Screenings ( presents all the fixins you need for a good Western: gun fights, bad guys, John Wayne and a terrific assortment of hats with,  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance  
(You can tweet Ruth at @925screenings)

Jim of Draconic Verses ( rightfully expresses outrage over this year’s missing from ‘In Memoriam’ in: “Oh Oscar, Oscar, Oscar” (You can tweet Jim at @DraconicVerses)

Then, Ruth of FlixChatter ( offers her take on the Oscar record-holder and the most brilliant costume designer in cinema history with: 31 Days of Oscar – Spotlight on Hollywood’s Costume Queen Edith Head
(You can tweet Ruth at @FlixChatter)

Rich of Wide Screen World ( gets animated with a tale of an Oscar-worthy film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit 
(You can tweet Rich at @ratzo318)

Nitrate Diva ( reviews how the Academy doesn’t reward a comedy classic in: It Happened One Night
(You can tweet Nitrate Diva at @NitrateDiva)

Pete of Furious Cinema ( portrays a Sinatra in a new dramatic light with, The Man With A Golden Arm
(You can tweet Pete at @FuriousCinema)

I’m sure you will delight and likely will learn a thing or two in these posts. I know we did. In case you missed any, check out past weeks’ fabulous posts here:   Week 1   Week 2   Week 3   Week 4

Cinematically yours,

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