The winners, the losers, the snubs, the back stories, the gossip, the players and the games…this time it’s all about Oscar!
We’re back – Kellee (@IrishJayHawk66) of Outspoken and Freckled, Paula (@Paula_Guthat) of Paula’s Cinema Club and Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen – hosting a new, mammoth blogathon event.  To coincide with Turner Classic Movie’s (TCM) 31 Days of Oscar it’s a February filled with fabulous tales and screen wonders.  But this one is not just for classic film fare, we want to see and hear it all from the golden man’s more than eighty-year history, including this year’s nominees.
The details:
– Submit one entry or ten on any of the following due dates throughout the month to any of the hosts either on comments or by email:

January 31
February 7
February 14
February 21
February 28

We’ll promote entries for an entire week after each due date.
–       Submissions should include as much information about you as possible: First name, Twitter tag, link(s) to your site(s) and email address.
–       If you have a preferred submission date, please make a note of that as well.  However, we welcome all submissions on any of the dates specified.
Aurora and I so love Paula’s blogathon banner we told her to stop at only one…

31 oscar

We encourage you to proudly display this banner on your site and cannot wait to hear from you. As the excitement builds…HAPPY BLOGGING!
BE SURE to tune in to TCM all month long to watch and learn about the films and players that made history. And now for the SCHEDULE…

FEB 1-7: (Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled will host)

FEB 8-14: (Aurora of Once Upon A Screen will host)

 FEB 15-21: (Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club)

FEB 22-28: (Aurora of Once Upon A Screen)

MARCH 1-7: (Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled)

 All the above scheduled participants will post their blog entries at the beginning of their scheduled week on their sites as listed. Then, the designated “hostess-with-the-most-ess” will promote throughout the week. Scheduling is subject to change and updates (including posts on bloggers’ specific topics and links) will be broadcast by all three hosts- so be sure to check in for more details to come! Thanks for joining us on the red carpet!!

3 thoughts on “SCHEDULE UPDATE… 31 DAYS of OSCAR Blogathon

  1. Thanks again Murtaza! I'm adding your Silence of the Lambs blog entry to this week and definitely look forward to any additional entries you can provide. Thanks so much for joining our Oscar blogging fun!


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