Happy 2013… New Beginnings

New Year’s Day brings new beginnings. For some, it means resolutions for everything from quitting bad habits to starting good habits. Everyone has their own vices or areas for improvement that they tend to examine this time of year. Dieting, exercising, quit smoking, losing weight, reading more, spending more time with loved ones, becoming more organized… whatever your challenge is, odds are good you’re considering it.

For me, I’m pondering my extra 30 pounds and how best to get rid of it. Oh, I know how. I know more about diet, nutrition and exercise than the experts. My problem has never been lack of health education; it’s motivation. There’s no secret or magic pill to losing weight and reaching your optimal health. It’s pretty simple actually. Eat less, move more. Caloric intake should consist of 1200-1300 calories per day for a woman of my height, weight and age. Bulk of diet should be fresh veggies, fruit and whole grains; small portions of lean proteins like fish, chicken and beans/legumes; with very minimal doses of healthy fats like olive oil. Oh, and don’t forget the minimum daily requirement of 8 glasses of water. Exercise means moving enough to get your thumping a bit and some sweat is good, too- for a minimum of 45 minutes each day, at least 5 days a week. A daily brisk walk around the neighborhood works great.

See? Simple. Anyone can do it. And I love healthy cooking so I can even do this in a tasty way, too. But getting back on track and actually censoring my portions is usually my initial challenge. Then comes the next challenge: getting back into walking in this cold winter weather. There’s a high school track just a block from my house and the walk to the University of Kansas campus and back is a beautiful 45 minute route. No problem in resources, just need to bundle up and face the cold. But my biggest challenge? For me, it’s replacing soda with water. I’m skilled at drinking soda daily but NOT at drinking enough water. So, if I can get motivated and tackle my 2 biggest challenges of controlling portions and drinking enough water, I’m ‘in like Flynn’. In the meantime, I prefer to sit here next to the warm fireplace and my snoozing hubby on the couch, while watching the New Years Day “Twilight Zone” all-day marathon. Some motivation, eh?

The beginning of a new year is also an opportunity to take a reflective look back before pressing on to a fresh start. The year 2012 brought kids’ birthdays and holidays. My kids turned 12, 13 (will be 14 this month), 16 and 18. My oldest graduated from high school (a relief to us all with her adversion to structured primary education) and we enjoyed finally having 2 of our stagger-stepped-aged kids at the same school, instead of the 4 kids at 4 separate schools scenario we’ve experienced every year prior. They’re growing up much too quickly yet all continue to thrive in their own creative, squirrelly ways. This year brought innovation for my creative genius hubby at his job; and more blog writing and a new job that I love for me.

This time of year can bring a touch of melancholy, too. Us Irish folk are kinda known for that. Personally, because I love Christmas season so much, I tend to get bit blue with the end of all the holiday songs, movies, decor, family visits and decor. It can be a real downer to bring down that beautiful tree and all the festive decor. While I reminisce about Christmases past and all the memories that they bring, I eventually regain my optimistic outlook as I’m reminded that it’s college hoops time for my beloved KU Jayhawks. And along with my lovely co-hosts Aurora of Once Upon A Screen and Paula of  Paula’s Cinema Club, our blogathon #31DaysofOscar is right around the corner. Just as I ready to leave my nostalgic ponderings of pastime, I received a photo yesterday from a very dear, old and handle-bar moustached friend from my childhood.  He lived in this house in Taos, NM from 1973-1978 and we lived right next door. He was almost like a father to me and we shared many joyous times in that rustic neighborhood.

So, instead of looking at the past with melancholy, perhaps it’s time to look at both the past and the future with sunny optimism. I hope you all enjoy a bright year ahead, resolutions attained or not. Happy New Year!!

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