To all my readers who celebrate Christmas, I would like to wish you a very happy holiday. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness, good cheer, and good company!

Some housekeeping notes:

  • Stay tuned for Backlots’ coverage of Noir City X-Mas! It should be appearing on the site within the next day or two.
  • Backlots will be covering the larger Noir City film festival in late January. If you can, join us at the Castro Theater between January 25 and February 3, 2013! And if you can’t, be sure to catch Eddie Muller on TCM for a talk with Robert Osborne about film noir, on January 17.

And finally…

  • The winner of Backlots’ Dueling Divas competition is Angela from The Hollywood Revue! Her analysis of the Joan Crawford/Norma Shearer feud was excellent, and her name was randomly drawn out of a hat for Backlots’ Dueling Divas competition…

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