PG Cooper's Movie Reviews

Release Date: April 23rd, 2004

Running Time: 2 hours and 26 minutes

Written by: Brian Helgeland

Based on: The novel by A.J. Quinnel

Directed by: Tony Scott

Starring: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Christopher Walken, Radha Mitchell

Note: I had originally meant to review this film sooner after director Tony Scott’s suicide this past August, but I got sidetracked.  Better late than never, though.

Unlike the majority of perfunctory promises of retribution uttered by a wealth of other hardened badasses in action movies, when John Creasy (Denzel Washington) vows he’ll “do what I do best – anybody who gets in my way, anybody who profited from it, anybody who opens their eyes at me — I’m gonna kill ‘em,” his words carry real weight.  We can tell he means it, and by that point in director Tony Scott’s Man on Fire, we want to see him fulfill that promise. …

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