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Saludos Amigos

Halloween has come and gone and we’re back on our weekend schedule; starting with a return to the Disney Vault!  We last left Disney at Bambi (although I did post up the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad early for Halloween).  We’re entering into Disney’s period of short “package” films that would carry them through the 1940s into the 50s.  The package films were a series of short, animated cartoons held together by a thin framework of an overarching plot.   These films helped the studio in several ways: the short length cut down on time spent and animators needs since many had gone to war, and it helped Disney get out of the financial slump left by their earlier films.  Saludos Amigos is the shortest of the package films, and is actually the shortest Disney film ever at 42 minutes.  It was created mainly to foster relations between

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