Silver Screenings

Watching the story of a man’s untimely death is always fascinating, isn’t it?

We’ve all seen movies like this, where the circumstances surrounding a person’s demise is told in flashbacks. The inevitable death is no surprise; you watch events unravel until the individual finally kicks the bucket.

However, the 1947 film noir Nora Prentiss has a plot twist that you won’t see coming. You’ll think you have the movie figured out, but you won’t. Trust us.

Basic storyline: A straight-laced married doctor (Kent Smith) becomes involved with a nightclub singer (Ann Sheridan). They meet innocently enough; Sheridan is hit by a car outside Smith’s office. Smith treats her minor injuries like the no-nonsense professional he is, but Sheridan is an aggressive flirt. Ever the gentleman, he escorts her to her apartment, but makes a beeline home to his family.

The thing is, Smith is secretly sick…

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