cinematically insane

“Pretty good audience for Hurricane Sandy,” Repertory Director Bruce Goldstein said before Sunday’s screening of Harold Lloyd’s THE KID BROTHER (1927) at Film Forum – a theater on the outskirts of a New York City neighborhood about to be evacuated.

It was a small but responsive crowd for the penultimate installment in Film Forum’s weekly Lloyd series, as the dreaded “FrankenStorm” began to clomp meteorologically through the streets of Lower Manhattan. Goldstein pointed out that Buster Keaton’s STEAMBOAT BILL JR. (1928), with its iconic hurricane scene, might have been a better choice for a final screening before the temporary, weather-related closure of the theater.

“As the saying goes, the show must go on at Film Forum,” Goldstein said. “But not tomorrow. We’re closed. Blame Bloomberg.”

“No, blame Gov. Cuomo!” an audience member replied, with insistence.

Political debates concluded, the show kicked off with Alf Goulding’s BASHFUL (1917), a “rediscovered” short…

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