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This week (May 26th to be exact) marks the 125th anniversary of the release of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula.  It went on sale for the first time in London bookshops on that day in 1897.  Since (to me) that novel introduced what would become the single, most popular and influential character in popular culture, I thought it deserved some kind of dedication.  So, here is a special post dedicated to the Prince of Darkness with special attention to several of his film incarnations.

The Popularity of Dracula

Irish-born, Bram Stoker wrote his immortal novel, Dracula in 1897 in Victorian England.  Although it was not the first novel written about vampires, it was the first widely read and mainstream book about the vampire lore.  One very distinct aspect of this book is that its popularity transcends its time as it has continued to develop in all forms of…

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