Once upon a screen...

I am, once again, honored to feature a guest post written by Manish Tripathi (@manishtpa) on this blog.


It’s funny how things in life turn out, and how one thing leads to another, quite often without the expected outcomes.  This is certainly true for this post about Hedy Lamarr.  Please allow me to explain.

A few nights ago, I was participating in a TCM Party on Twitter, and I was sending tweets about Hedy Lamarr’s background outside of her movie career, and specifically about her contributions to the field of wireless technology.  I made a comment about Hedy’s intelligence, and I also mentioned the patent on which her name appears.  After sending a couple of tweets I didn’t want to overstay my welcome by mentioning anything more, but Paula mentioned that she was learning about Hedy’s life and so I sent out one more tweet about how…

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