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This post is a part of the What A Character blogathon, sponsored by Outspoken and Freckled (Kellee), Once Upon A Screen (Aurora), and Paula’s Cinema Club (Paula), giving tribute to the great character actors and actresses who support the classic movies we love. Thanks, Ladies, for a fun opportunity. It’s an honor to be among superb company!

At first glance of the What A Character blogathon call for entries, the first character actor to instantly pop into my mind was Ward Bond. Of all my favorite moments in Gone with the Wind (1939), he stands out in one particular scene that I often look forward to seeing.  Throughout my years of watching classic movies, I eventually recognized that he seemed to be in each one, especially the most notable. Okay, so I’m exaggerating but sometimes I do think, Geez, what top movie is he not in?! This led…

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