Ticklish Business

The final day of the blogathon!  Before I start with the final set of links can I just say thank you to everyone who has visited my site and the participants and left comments for me or them!  The traffic on the site has been great this weekend and hopefully readers, both new and old, have discovered a love for Universal Pictures and the backlot.

To the contributors: THANK YOU!  As a first time blogathon organizer I didn’t think anyone would volunteer, or if there were volunteers they’d be few and/or no one would actually turn anything in.  You guys were amazing, on-time, diverse, and did a fantastic job promoting the blogathon.  This would literally have not worked without you and you all have inspired me to plan future blogathons that I hope you’ll all join in future.

Enough with the sappy stuff, here’s the final set of links.  Read…

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