goosepimply all over

Movie parodies on the big screen have been around almost as long as the cinema’s been around. We’ve got flicks such as Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, Young Frankenstein, Hollywood Shuffle, and Hot Shots poking fun at various scripts or life behind the scenes. However, back in the seventies, there was a great television variety show providing us with even harder bouts of laughter through parodies of its own. These weren’t comedic interpretations of modern movies of its era. These were skits that showcased the old (mostly black and white) movies, that were usually shown back then on late night television. These were really tributes to such movies given only by the one of the best comedy troupes ever: the cast of The Carol Burnett Show.

As a Southern born and bred girl, it’s going to be hard to admit this to the world, but…  long before…

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