Bob is coming coming back! Bob is coming back! Hip Hip Hooray!

For those of you who belong to the tight-knit, little community of true classic movie fans and specifically, hard-core TCM followers;you know exactly what this arrival of “Bob” means. I’m speaking of the 5 month agonizingly long wait for the return of TCM’s beloved host, Robert Osborne.

I’ve had a obsessive love for classic movies since a young child. I would say it started with an introduction from my grandmother. She was a spirited, fiery red-headed Irish woman who told me amazing stories of the days of being an officer’s wife of a WW2 bomber pilot stationed in England. I was intrigued by her fascinating stories- it all seemed so romantic and colorful. In addition to her stories, she also introduced me to the world of classic film. I was hooked instantly. And I soon began to think of my grandmother as a hybrid of Maureen O’Hara & Lucille Ball.

Time marched on, and my love for classic cinema deepened. I even got married in an ol’ movie theatre with a classic movie theme-which even included showing a ‘movie of movie clips, that my groom made for me along with place cards with infamous Hollywood couples’ names. But somewhere along the way, I discovered TCM. Like my groom, I luckily stumbled upon another perfect match for me.

While classic film and TCM have been like old dear friends to me all these years, the host and steward Robert Osborne has been too. As the always amiable and expert companion, Robert is there for the journey. He’s like an encyclopedia of classic cinema (oops- probably not the most current reference- okay, let’s say ‘google of current cinema.’) I’ve truly missed seeing Robert as my constant comforting guide through Hollywood’s golden ages. In less than 48 hours, Robert returns again; hopefully fit as a fiddle, as primetime host. And I for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. #WelcomeBackBob


  1. I think it is utterly cool that you were married in an old movie theatre.


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