introductory bit about me

Welcome one and all (okay, most likely just one) to my blog. I was drawn to start blogging because I enjoy writing and I’m known for being rather passionate about my points of view. I can be long-winded in  my fervent responses on facebook regarding politics, religion, relationships or hot topics. So…time to transition to blogging!

A couple of key points of note:

Self-described as a progressive or a liberal, I’m very grounded and pragmatic in considering opposing arguments. In this world of constant change, it’s critical that we pay close attention and voice our opinions. My childhood was colorful and I’m clearly influenced to this day by the poverty of my early existence. This comes across in my political views.

Speaking of being opinionated, I am very proud of my Irish heritage and my family and friends claim that my Irish persuasion is the source of my sassy, outspoken, long-winded (oh, and freckled) ways. They’re right. I was raised Irish Catholic for the most part but now consider myself an agnostic. My religious friends and family seem to tolerate me anyway.

I LOVE my husband and my 4 kids above all else. I realize how rare my love affair with husband truly is and am grateful for that gift everyday. My kids keep me in check and too busy to fully appreciate what creative beautiful goofballs they are. I love movies (especially the ol’ classics), humor and my beloved Jayhawks.

Much more to come! Thanks for following…



One thought on “introductory bit about me

  1. I am @egbegb on Twitter. I speak of issues, not people. Do you do the same?I hate no one that hasn't killed someone or abused someone so obviously that all of America/World sees!I am Conservative, and think and know about why I am that way.Is it possible for Lib's and Con's to talk?If questions offend you, please ignore this plea.Ed


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