FURY (2014)

War is hell. David Ayer’s FURY (2014) makes this abundantly clear. It’s April of 1945, and we’re deeply entrenched in the WW2 European campaign as the American troops along with our allies are pressing onward behind enemy lines into Germany. In comparison to the mighty power of the German Panzer, Panther and Tiger tanks, American troops were out-gunned and ill-equipped in their M4 Sherman tanks … Continue reading FURY (2014)

STALAG 17 (1953)

Billy Wilder was an Austrian born filmmaker/writer/director… and all-around cinema genius. Born Samuel Wilder on June 22, 1906 in Sucha, Austria, Wilder went from being a Viennese reporter to a free-lance writer in Berlin where he started working on film scripts in 1929. As Hitler rose to power, Wilder moved to Paris to direct his first film, as he feared his Jewish ancestry would threaten … Continue reading STALAG 17 (1953)