TCMFF 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT: Photo Scavenger Hunt!

tcm-logo-2016The days are rapidly narrowing down to single digits until classic film fans by the thousands will converge to their silver screened Motherland. Turner Classic Movies network kicks off their film festival April 28- May 1st in Hollywood, CA. And for the 2nd year in a row, the TCM folks have brought back the Social Producer program.

Selected from across the country, the Social Producers each bring a unique way to enhance the fandom experience while attending this mega event via social media. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be included in the Social Producer program for 2016 while hosting the official TCMFF  Scavenger Hunt.

Here’s how it works…

Enhance your Turner Classic Movies Film Festival experience by participating in the Photo Scavenger Hunt! New clues for each day. Post it on social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) tagging TCM and you’ll receive an official TCMFF collector ribbon. Show me your posts so you can collect your official ribbons. Collect all five and you’ll receive a special “Champion” ribbon on the last day of the fest!

Star Selfie
*Take a photo of yourself with your favorite movie star’s hand/footprints at the famous Grauman’s Theatre aka TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX and post it on social media. Be sure to tag TCM so we can like/share it too!

New Friends
*Take a photo of yourself with a NEW friend you met while waiting in line. Be sure to tag TCM in your post so we can like/share it too!

Line Selfie
*Take a photo of yourself holding your line ticket or Pass while waiting in line for your favorite screening of the day. Hashtag your the screening and be sure to tag TCM, too.

#TCMFF Squad Goals
*Take a group selfie with your friends in front of one of the official TCMFF venues. Then post it on social media and don’t forget to tag TCM. We’d love to see it!

Hanging Poolside
*Take a photo at a poolside screening. Don’t forget to tag TCM!

After you’ve collected all five, you can collect your special #TCMFF SCAVENGER HUNT  Champ ribbon on the last day of the fest! So, be on the look out each day for clues.


Thursday, 4/28:  One clue announced
Friday, 4/29: Two clues announced
Saturday, 4/30: Two clues announced
Sunday, 5/1: a “CHAMP ribbon” to be given to all who complete all 5 clues
Each clue to be announced via Social Producer Kellee Pratt with reposts via TCM Social Media, on the following sites:

Twitter: @IrishJayhawk66 or @TCM  

Tumblr: @kelleep or @tcm

For all the best in fest goodies on social media, follow hashtags #TCMFF and #TCMFFSP to see what all the Social Producers are providing in fest fun. If you see me in line or dashing down Hollywood Blvd, show me your fun Scavenger photo or posts and I will give you a collector ribbon. Quantities are limited for this special souvenir, so look for the lady with freckles and a big smile!

kellee and star

TCM Film Festival ANNOUNCEMENT! Look Out for new Social Producers


As we swiftly inch closer to next week’s Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, more news emerges, reflecting what may be the most interesting fest to date. With a diverse assortment of film and events crammed into a full 4 day day schedule, passholders are also chattering about the highly anticipated list of mega stars such as Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Sophia Loren, Ann-Margret, Dustin Hoffman, and Alec Baldwin. Which barely scratches the surface of how the good folks at TCM are ‘making history’ with this year’s installment of classic film nerd nirvana.

In tune with the knowledge that TCM fans are a uniquely loyal and die-hard throng of fans, the network has amped up their social media marketing with a brand new program, Social Producers. I recently discovered that I had been selected, along with a small group of like-minded social media mavens who eat, breathe and drink in TCM, to launch this new role during the last weekend of March in Hollywood.

Here’s what you can expect…

Not unlike a fun game of scavenger hunt, be on the look out for us Social Producers. Whether you’re waiting in line for a screening or walking down Hollwood Blvd. on your way to the next fun-filled event, if you see a Social Producer, be sure to say hello and they might have a fun treat for you! Each of us have come up with an engaging proposal to share our mutual love of TCM with others at the fest. And for our friends who are unable to make it to this year’s TCMFF, we’ll be broadcasting this on multiple social media platforms so they can feel a part of the experience, too. Trust me, if this doesn’t convince you to save and pinch those pennies to make it your number one priority for next year, I don’t know what will!

TCMFF TRIVIA! Who doesn’t just LOVE to show off your classic film knowledge? When I pitched this to TCM, they enthusiastically agreed. When you see me at the fest, I will have a trivia question for you. If you get it right- you will get one of the slick buttons made exclusively for TCMFF passholders! (No worries- if you get the answer wrong, we’re happy to give you a button just for playing.)

BUSTER BUTTONS! Each Social Producer has their own distinct button. The TCMFF Trivia button is Buster Keaton (silent film genius, native to my own home state who can be seen in Friday’s schedule in STEAMBOAT BILL, JR.!)  Can you collect all of them? Heck yeah, you’ve got 4 days- you bet you can!



If you see these smiling mugs, stop and say hello!

If you see these smiling mugs, stop and say hello!

But when I pitched this idea to TCM, I wanted to partner up with my good pal, Aurora aka @CitizenScreen. Because who better to have fun chatting trivia with fellow passionate TCM festers, right?! Again, they agreed. Be sure to look out for both of us- sometimes together, sometimes at different screenings but we will both happily play TCMFF Trivia with you!

So look for all of the Social Producers. We will all be posting on social media throughout the day, for all 4 days, so everyone can feel part of this mega experience. Like some of my fellow Social Producers, we will also be capturing this on video to really enhance the moment. Your 15 minutes of TCM fame is coming, folks… see you in Hollywood!

TCM TRIVIA tweets on @Irishjayhawk66 & @CitizenScreen

TCM TRIVIA tweets on @Irishjayhawk66 & @CitizenScreen

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