Escapism: The Spielberg Effect

There are master storytellers. There are brilliant filmmakers. But none can compare to Steven Spielberg in terms of authentic storytelling to create pure movie magic, in such an approachable way. For me, there were three Spielberg films that shaped my childhood. During my early years we dealt with many of life’s struggles often due to poverty, but our single-parent mom battled even tougher struggles with … Continue reading Escapism: The Spielberg Effect

The Spielberg Blogathon Weekend… They’re HERE!!

The time has arrived to join in on the celebration! He is not only one of the most influential filmmakers in film history, but an honest to goodness film fan.  In that spirit, Michael of It Rains…You Get Wet , Aurora of Citizen Screenings and I celebrate the films of Steven Spielberg by way of the SPIELBERG BLOGATHON this weekend. The plan is that I will host all … Continue reading The Spielberg Blogathon Weekend… They’re HERE!!

Jaws- The Smell, The Speech, and the Fair Spanish Ladies

“This post is part of the SPIELBERG BLOGATHON hosted by Outspoken & Freckled, It Rains… You Get Wet, and Citizen Screenings taking place August 23-24. Please visit these host blogs for a full list of participating blogs.” I’ve always had vivid memories of my early years. The first time I saw Jaws was at a drive in in the back seat of my parents’ station wagon. I know… back … Continue reading Jaws- The Smell, The Speech, and the Fair Spanish Ladies


For many, August signals the ending of summer. One of the fun ways this August celebrates summer is via sharks, sharks and more sharks. Sharknadoes came back with a sequel vengeance when “Sharknado 2” aired on SyFy channel recently and became a national, albeit majorly campy, phenomena. August 10th, Discovery Channel returns in it’s 27th season of the very popular “Shark Week” and “JAWS Week” … Continue reading the SPIELBERG BLOGATHON