Kellee Pratt lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband Gary and four squirrelly kidlets. In addition to family life, she expresses great passion for classic film, politics, tennis, her Irish heritage, modern design and life itself. And the best way to broadcast this zest for joie de vivre? …through social media and blogging, of course!  Twitter handle: @IrishJayhawk66


  1. Hi Kellee. Just wanted to give you a reminder about your Mel Brooks post for my Mel Brooks Blogathon since today is the final day.


    • My apologies. We had some family issues come up that impeded me from finishing the post. But I’m so glad you chose to host Mel Brooks as a blogathon topic because I’m such a huge fan. And he certainly deserves attention on his 90th birthday!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hope everything is okay.
        I was surprised that no one else had thought to host a Mel Brooks blogathon especially for this year. I’m glad it turned out to be a success.


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